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Josefsberg is the author of the new book, Target 100: The World’s Simplest Weight Loss Program […] No excuses!

This morning was my first time working out in 9 weeks and although I have a long way to go to build my muscle strength and endurance back up again, (so please don’t body shame .. As we all are different shapes and sizes ) luckily there’s an inner strength thats […] Staying fit despite the criticism!

This underbelly of the Roman world didn’t get much written about in the classics of Latin literature; ancient historians like Livy and Tacitus, whose work we can still read, are much more interested in politicians and generals than in Mr and Mrs Ordinary.

It reveals how, with their problems juggling family life, work, affairs, unwanted pregnancies — and even unwanted body hair — ordinary Romans had more in common with us than we ever could have imagined.

If the aristocracy is portrayed like that, what was life like for ordinary Romans?

It is these untold stories of the ordinary working classes that have always fascinated me, and which I researched extensively for my current series, Meet The Romans, now showing on BBC2.

But it always made me wonder what life was like lower down the pecking order.She flaunted her famous curves […] New year, new recipe!Winter Olympic hopeful Ashley Wagner put down her ice skates and broke out her pots and pans to show Us Weekly a recipe that she calls her “post-workout protein bowl.” The dish – which calls for avocados, quinoa and grilled chicken – is the perfect meal to kick off a healthy […] No baby bump here! 1-7, is the time to show our local rescues and shelters how much we appreciate the work they do.She has pledged to do a 24-hour blog-a-thon this weekend, from Friday evening until Saturday afternoon. V.’s sponsors and donors will be eligible to win fun prizes throughout the event, too. Send your shelter appreciation story to [email protected], along with a photo, and you may be featured on Romeo the Cat and, too!

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