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Quinn was harassed endlessly via Twitter, her phone, and other modes of communication.

Some gamers were upset that the press didn't report more on Gjoni's accusations, accusing the journalists of covering for one of their own.

There's also a substantial, vocal movement that believes the generally left-leaning online gaming press focuses too much on feminism and the role of women in the industry, to the detriment of coverage of games.

(One of the sites mentioned in this debate is Vox's sister site Polygon.) These concerns exploded after programmer Eron Gjoni, who had dated Quinn, posted a revenge blog accusing her of cheating on him with Nathan Grayson, The Gamergaters have some actually interesting concerns, largely driven by the changing face of video game culture.

For a time, Quinn dated a programmer named Eron Gjoni. Gjoni wrote a series of online posts about the end of the relationship (collected here). Kotaku investigated, finding no wrongdoing on the part of either its writer (Nathan Grayson) or Quinn.

Thousands of comments on the matter were expunged from normally freewheeling 4chan and Reddit for reasons that weren't immediately clear, and a DMCA takedown notice was filed against a You Tube video using footage from one of Quinn's games.

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In the weeks since the Quinn story broke, #Gamergate supporters have claimed the continual focus on her in articles like this one is a false flag, an attempt to make the issue about something other than journalistic ethics.This collection of free flash games is provided as freeware, public domain or open source.Please contact us at pcgame4fun @ if you find a flash game that does not fall into any of the above mentioned categories and we will promptly remove it.But they're stuck inside in their mind first before that," said La Hood, who also noted that traffickers use apps and social media sites to find their victims, lure them away, then force them to stay."They work on the mindset of these girls, ' You're worthless, I'm the only one who gives you worth, I'm the one protecting you, you owe me back, I saved you from your situation.'"La Hood says that parents can stop this."Be involved in your kid's life, don't be their friend," La Hood said.

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