Flash player for ipod touch

There are, however, a few workarounds that will get your Flash content working properly.

The hardware that makes up your i OS device is the main culprit failing to support Flash content, so a solution must be found on the software end.

This video shows you how to get and load the app so you can start watching videos from anywhere on the web!

In either case, your Flash content will likely play slightly slower than it would on a computer -- which could mean a jumpy game or a flash video that skips a bit.

With an alternate browser, there is a slight lag due to the data being processed on a proxy server before it is sent to your device's display.

Expect to pay at least a nominal fee for this setup, but the expense is worth it since it allows you to fully operate your computer -- without being in front of it -- from anywhere in the world.

Among the available -- and well-reviewed -- options are Splashtop Remote, Go To My PC and Log Me In Ignition.

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