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Although conditions remained very poor, and over-crowding became worse, District 6, with its central location above the city, became a multi-racial and vibrant community and a cultural centre for the working class, with strong links to the Carnival.

Children growing up in District Six were expected to contribute to the family income from a young age, through washing, running errands, sewing, charring and cooking, as well as helping out with family domestic chores.

If she were working on me, I'd want to be rubbing my hands all over her lovely body.The plan was proposed as urban improvement, but Cissie Gool claimed that this government scheme was the introduction of racial segregation by another means In 1966 the National Party declared District 6 to be a 'White Group Area' so enabling them to destroy all buildings, except religious ones, on the grounds of 'slum clearance'.Politicians of the ruling party maintained that the area was squalid and 'dangerous' environment and ridiculed Coloured leaders who described the destruction as a 'tragedy'.District Six is remembered fondly as a place of hardship, but a tolerant and mutually supportive community that enjoyed lively entertainment.People recall the lawlessness of District Six, but even the gangsters are remembered as basically harmless. Lunn imagined a dramatic reconstruction that would completely transform District Six and by the beginning of the Second World War, a total of 1127 homes had been built.

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