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He is most often seen in a pink shirt with a yellow necktie, but occasionally (Episode 7) appears in a naval undershirt (telnyashka) and in Episode 8, he appears in drag, impersonating the Snegurochka.In Episode 11 he wears a jacket in the beginning, but soon removes it when chasing the Hare.

A two and a half minute short film with character designs very different from the later series was created, but it already featured the Wolf's titular catchphrase.The Wolf, commonly transliterated into English as Volk (Russian: ), is initially portrayed as a hooligan who eagerly turns to vandalism, abuses minors, breaks laws, and is a smoker.His appearance was inspired by a person the director Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin saw on the street, specifically a man with long hair, a protruding belly and a thick cigarette between his lips. In spite of his rough appearance, many of the Wolf's attempts to catch the Hare are often characterized by unexpected abilities on his part (including figure skating, ballet, gymnastics and waltzing) for humorous contrast; he can also play the guitar very well and rides a powerful rocker motorbike.However, in the two final episodes he resumes his earlier hairstyle of episodes 1-16.The story also features a supporting cast of animal characters, the most commonly appearing of which is the physically strong and heavy Hippopotamus (Russian: Begemot), who participates in various roles (e.g., a museum caretaker, shop keeper, passer-by, doorkeeper, etc.) and whom the Wolf usually annoys and has to run away from.

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