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Smith in 1875 wrote a book (published at London in 1876) on his discoveries from the cuneiform tablets.

He appears to have understood that the Hebrews in the Book of Genesis had recast Mesopotamian accounts about man's origins and his demise in a flood.

He was joined in the abuse by his brother, Robert Hutton, 63, who was sentenced to five years' imprisonment.

Alvin Muschette, 55, who also knew the family and joined the brothers in the abuse, was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment.

The victim came forward to report the crimes to police in June 2015, and specialist officers launched an investigation.

As noted by the "It is difficult not to agree with Schrader, Sayce and other Assyriologists in regarding the week of seven days, ended by a sabbath, as an institution of Babylonian origin.

The Hebrews apparently objected to the Mesopotamian storyline and denied that Yahweh-Elohim had created man to endure back-breaking toil in his Garden of Eden to give God a break from self-toil in growing his own food (Yet Yahweh is fed food twice a day like a Mesopotamian god beginning with the Exodus at Mount Sinai and this feeding of God is to continue for all of eternity -even after the Messiah comes- as Ezekiel envisions a future Messiah at Jerusalem with the help of Levitical priests preparing God's daily food via burnt offerings and sacrifices cf. In defense of their way of life the nomadic herdsmen apparently took the city-dwellers myths and recast them _via a series of inversions_ in such a way as to portray themselves (Abraham and Abel being shepherds) as blessed by God and the city-dwellers (Cain and his descendants) as the accursed by God. Flood silt layer which brought and end to the Jamdet Nasr Period at Tell Fara (ancient Shuruppak) found by Schmidt in his 1931 excavations at this site. This account noted that a god had warned one man to build a great boat and put aboard it the seed of man and animalkind for a new post-flood beginning.

The nomads had the "correct" understanding of man's origins and his relationship with his Creator, the smug city-dwellers had it all wrong. Like Noah, the Shuruppak Flood hero (variously called Ziusudra, Atra-Khasis, Atrahasis, Atram-hasis or Utnapishtim, Utanapishtim) releases in sequence three birds to test the abatement of the Flood waters before disembarking and presenting a thank-offering sacrifice to the gods for being spared. In that year a British scholar called George Smith, who worked for the British Museum in London discovered a Mesopotamian account of a great flood that destroyed the world while reading cuneiform tablets excavated from the Assyrian Kings' Palace Library at Nineveh the capital of ancient Assyria (destroyed in 612 B. He released birds three times like Noah to test the abatement of the flood waters before leaving the boat and then he gave a thank-offering to his god for being forewarned and spared like Noah.

My notebooks reveal that I had made this association by 17 April 1996 while living at Walldorf by Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany (1990-2002) at the ripe old age of 53, this research later being offered as "a paper" via an ).

Secular Humanists seek to explain the Bible's concepts as evolving from within the context of the Ancient Near East and its religious notions regarding the origins of the world, why man was created and what his purpose in life is.

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