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"When a judge sits down with me and realizes what I have and who's with me — this is going to happen," Standing said in an interview from Golden B. "It's no joke, I'm coming with Ph Ds, professors, police officers, the best in the world …

He intends to present physical and video evidence, and expert eye-witness testimony to the court to prove the elusive creature exists in the forests of British Columbia, as well as Alberta and Washington state, where he is also filing similar claims.

In 1967, the dark, grainy footage of a hairy lumbering creature walking in the wilderness, known as the Patterson-Gimlin film, was hailed by believers as positive evidence.

Despite decades of examining the film, no one has been able to definitively debunk its contents. A spokesperson with the Ministry of Environment said the province has yet to file a response.

In 2008, two Georgia men claimed they had bagged the dead body of a Sasquatch.

The material turned out to be a rubber Halloween costume.

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Her shoes were found weeks earlier placed neatly side by side on a different bridge down the road.A man who spent years trying to persuade the world the Sasquatch exists is taking the B. Many Sasquatch and Bigfoot trackers have tried — and failed — to prove to the world that the mythical, mysterious creatures are real. this is the real deal, the evidence is here." In 2014, Standing claimed to have found a Sasquatch hair, but a lab that studied it said it was human hair, or that of another species.These details also show the various modes in which these killers operate and some of these details echo throughout the decades.Whether related or not, the repetitive nature of these crimes throughout the past fifty years is evident in the details.

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