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This knowledge should be private and only those who are to be married should have the access, privilege of participating and gaining the knowledge.

There are those who will argue the loudest for transparency, openness, democratic rights, and that the video images and the inside information should be made public so that everyone should know and learn. This same point is emphasized in the book Satisfying Zambian Hunger for Culture: “Many traditional cultural practices were very special, sacred, and only secretly exposed to special groups or age sets or cohorts who were going through the rite of passage……These are sacred ceremonies which are very meaningful to adults and their young people who are anticipating and can’t wait to participate in them.

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Most of us just think some tribal backward, uneducated or fontini people in the villages just made them up for no good reason or for lack of better entertainment. Because we believe what we have been taught in our educational institutions that “Africans never made any contributions to civilization.” Conclusion If you want to know the complete descriptions of some of these Zambian customs and rituals you can read the book: “Satisfying Zambian Hunger for Hunger for Culture (2012) by Tembo.

Parents, families of young people, and the entire close knit community are anxious and interested in passing on very important life values to the young people…..

We hope most of these practices will be kept confidential.” (Tembo, 2012; p.

(The Post, Jan 31, 2014) I did not need to see the video as the descriptions in the story were enough for me to understand what it contained.

But I did not want to be accused of criticizing the video when I did not see it or similar to committing the act of criticizing a book when I have not read it.

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