Phone hookup for sex

Then she hand me the phone so I make appointment for next morning, am so turned by thought of doing something so naughty.

After sister leave I keep thinking about massage and get so excited I have to play with self. It no work, mind won't think about anything else, lol.

When he pick up my leg and start massage I know he can see my pussy and my ass. I know he has seen before but this is different for me, I so hope he likes view.

He started with my left foot and calves, applying hot oil, taking time.

Or maybe will play with ass, oh I going crazy, lol.

I let my legs drift apart so if he wants to do something he has opening to do.

Then I pick a nice thin sun skirt so can see my panties. Am sure driver not watching road because he almost hit other car twice.

I smile to self, lol Anyway when I get to spa I walk in front door and see massage guy standing at desk.

Now his hands are under the towel as he starts to massage my cute ass.

He knows me because I been there before but never let him do naughty on me.

When he see how I am dressed he get big smile on face. I am getting wet just thinking about it, lol So I sign in and pay for one hour massage as usual.

I said I like both soft and medium massage with hot oil treatment.

Then he starts with my shoulders as usual, but this time his touch sends a tingle all way through my body that makes my pussy flood with wetness as I think about what is yet to happen.

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