Updating bios administrator carbon dating practice problems

At this point, the BIOS password should have been removed.

Now you need a correctly made boot USB, that is allowed by the BIOS or (if you have it) UEFI firmware.

HPZ800 has been out for a while (actually it is an old Workstation/Towerstation in 2010).

The default motherboard BIOS version was dated 3.56 released in Jan/2013 and the latest one we can get from the HP website is v3.57 which was released at July/2013.

Because I disconnected the RTC battery for 10mins, 4h, and tried todo your trick where I hold the Power Button for 10s.

All attempts resulted in an system time error once the laptop was turned on, and it forced me to restart the machine.

GPT or MBR, it sounds like your booting in one mode by the hdd is formatted as the other mode.

Without Administrator access and the ability to change the firmware settings will be unable to make the required changes to do what you want It is absolutely necessary to reset the BIOS password.

If you are using UEFI in Rufus you would select UEFI and GPT, otherwise then after not being able to boot up try BIOS and GPT, then lastly BIOS and MBR.Or try w/o battery, power laptop w/o CMOS battery and then unplug it.BIOS passwords can add an extra layer of security for desktop and laptop computers.After, replace the CMOS battery or reset the CMOS jumper to the normal setting (not CLR).You can now replace the battery and plug in the AC Adapter.

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