Validating stories on the internet

Our gratitude is extended to everyone involved with The GFCF Diet Support Group.

They have taken the time and made the effort which has provided a dedicated and caring support system for every parent who wishes to use Dietary Intervention.

Permission has been given to print the following success stores.

These stories have been written by many parents who wish to share their story about the gluten and casein free diet and how it has improved the life of their child.

Also, today he asked a child he didn't know at the library 'are you watering the plants?

A man at one of the information booths talked to me about his son and how the gfcf diet has helped him.

Words by Bruce Deachman, Artwork by Robert Cross • James Shorey, an Ottawa janitor, was on his way home on a cold, October night in 1945, when he saw three young men he felt were up to little good.

11, 2001, authorities across the West have been bracing themselves for the second act, the big kill, the spectacular slaughter...

Last Wednesday, we decided to go out and get some 'ice -cream'.

We thought Sherbet didn't have any dairy and that it would be alright...NEVER assume is the lesson!

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