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Sixteen teams now travel south to the Mediterranean Sea.

Their challenge is to swim with sharks, build sandcastles and then make their way to Iceland on speedboats.

Geoff & Brody win the leg while Stephanie & Ryan who come in last on this leg decided to break up and become haters on national television but they are declared safe as this was another non-elimination leg.

The 13 remaining teams travel to the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai to either clean windows or to play tennis.

Their first challenge is to carry multiple spices across the desert in camels and then eat them in a restaurant.

Best friends Carrie & Devin reach the first chill zone first while Tammy & Leonard come in last place after they tried to use magic on the other teams and become the first team eliminated.

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The show is a spin-off of the original Total Drama series created in 2007 and the second series created as part of the overall franchise. and distributed by Cake Entertainment and airs on Cartoon Network in North America.Fifteen teams are now in Iceland where they first must speak an Icelandic phrase to a goose lady and then either eat an Icelandic feast or look for fossils in a cave.Mother/daughter team Kelly & Taylor got a one hour penalty for the Icelandic phrase they got wrong but Kelly went back to the start when both of them had to so instead of getting 7th place they got 13th.All characters will be split into 18 teams of two, and must complete challenges around the world to win and split a one million Canadian dollar prize.In each of the 26 different locations, each pair must go to a "Don box" to receive clues that let them decide which challenge they want to perform in.

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