Who is dwayne wade ex wife dating

Her former lawyer denies keeping any information from Funches.She and Wade were high school sweethearts and married in 2002.Luckily, by doing the right thing and putting children first, it worked out that I was able to save myself,” said Union.Gabby has shown us that remaining classy wins the race!

Union were rumored to have begun dating, Gabby was vilified in the court of public opinion.

Automatically Gabrielle Union was labeled a home-wrecker and the other woman.

Despite those accusations not being true, Union still faced backlash that she says affected her career.“By taking the high road and not engaging in back and forth craziness I was able to do both.

She said that her ex’s celebrity went a long way toward the decision to strip her of her custodial rights.

In an interview with Daily Mail online, she had a lot to say about how celebrity changed the man she once loved.“This was my very best friend and I couldn’t reach him anymore – without question it was because of the money,” and, “I think Dwyane had been rejected a lot when he was younger and then suddenly people started cheering and clapping and wanting to be around him. It was disgusting to me.”For her part, Union opened up to Jet magazine last April about her and Dwyane and why she never defended herself against allegations of being a home-wrecker. But at the end of the day, Dwyane’s kids are going to be the ones who really suffer. They’re old enough to understand the mean things that strangers can say.”She added, “I fought it (the lawsuit Siohvaughn filed against her claiming she was a home-wrecker and detrimental to Wade’s kids). So, we were submitting plenty of proof for the times she said I was in Miami.

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